Tips to Prevent Cavities During the Summer

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Kindred Smiles Pediatric Dentistry - Tips to Prevent Cavities During the Summer

Summer and Sugar Don’t Have to Go Hand in Hand

With the summer in full swing, you’re no doubt bringing the kids on picnics, to the beach, to fairs and amusement parks, and more. With these fun places come sugary foods, snacks and beverages that can wreak havoc on your kids’ teeth. Being diligent in dental care for your children is just as important in summer as it is during the school year. Here are some tips on how to avoid cavities and other dental problems during the summer.

Avoid Juices and Sports Drinks

We know it can be tempting to pack the cooler with those convenient juice boxes and mini sports drinks bottles, but too much of that can cause a buildup of sugar in the mouth, especially when kids are running around all day having fun and less likely to stop to brush their teeth twice a day. Sports drinks have a high sugar content as well as acid, which not only causes cavities but erodes the enamel of the teeth. It’s best to pack bottles of cold water, which are better at hydrating kids and adults, helping us all to think more clearly, exercise harder, and stay healthier, says WebMD. If your kids absolutely must have a sports drink, be sure to limit them to one per day and take sips of water in between to flush out the sugar.

Limit Snacking

Sometimes it’s hard to control snacking throughout the summer since the kids are home and have unlimited access to the pantry. However, healthy eating gives your kids healthy teeth. Why? Just like the organs in your body need the right nutrients, your teeth also need the proper care to stay strong. Avoid tooth decay by establishing set times for eating, particularly when it comes to cookies, candy and ice cream. When they do indulge, have your kids brush afterwards so the acid doesn’t attack the tooth enamel. When snack time approaches, give them nutritious foods like carrots or red pepper and dip, low-fat yogurt with berries, or low-fat cheese and whole grain crackers.

Don’t drop the ball on your kids’ teeth this summer. Stay on top of their healthy eating for stronger teeth and a brighter smile. For more assistance, contact the Pediatric Dental team at Kindred Smiles. We proudly see happy smiles throughout the Central Massachusetts towns of Acton, Ayer, Dunstable, Groton, Harvard, Littleton, Lunenburg, Pepperell, Shirley, Townsend, Westford and Southern New Hampshire towns of Brookline and Hollis.

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